Wednesday, 5 March 2014

How can you make your garden beautiful?

Growing a garden can be an exciting, but challenging, initiative. Whether it is spring, summer or winter, we all want a beautiful and unique garden that becomes the pride of our home. However, most of us don’t know how to achieve this goal as planning and organizing a garden not only needs aesthetic sense but also good artistic intelligence to understand the needs of outdoor decor and put them into action. This article brings you some significant points that will help to design a beautiful and unique home garden. Gardens look beautiful during the spring season as flowers and fruits are at there best.
 The spring is the best time to start creating the garden that person wants. To have a beautiful garden master gardener has to keep away from the pollution and to water the plants regularly on time. Gardening is the hobby of most of the persons in leisure time for making their homes pleasant. Gardener can have seeds and variety of plants from reputable sources of their own choice. Start from old containers and pots and paint them in vibrant colors to add color and life to the garden. To attract the birds hang bird houses in the trees and place a water bath nearby that will attract birds.
Butterfly bushes can also be planted to attract colorful butterflies and it will give your garden a very artistic look. Try to make each flower unique by giving it a different color theme and planting flowers following that color scheme. To come up with unique and beautiful garden little hard work and creativity has to be done.
Gravel pit is a place where there is native grass gravel and eye-catching stones that will add a new feel to the garden. Gardens are source of peace when surrounding by flowers, fountains and sounds of nature and research has shown that walking through the grass can put the mind in state of meditation to get the fragrance the gardener has to place the garden in good atmosphere.
To grow fruits in the garden is often difficult and requires patience as compared to vegetables and herbs. Fruits trees should be pruned regularly. To test the soil for drainage, dig a hole about a foot (30) cm deep and fill it completely with water. If the water drains in less than 3 hours the soil is well-drained enough for growing fruits and flowers. Pesticides are available for protecting the garden.

Five steps for having good garden

1-select a site
2-take a soil sample
3-Amend the soil according to the soil lab recommendations
4-Watering the garden regularly
5-Plan for mulch (a protective covering placed around plants to retain moisture)

Monday, 3 March 2014

Kitchen Gardening

The place where you grow the things that’s  you bring into the kitchen just like herbs, barriers, fruits, vegetables and even flowers for your table. If I do this work in my garden it would be my kitchen garden. Keep in mind the most important thing while choosing the location for your garden, most vegetables and herbs needs much sun light as possible to do their best. Draining system is also very impotent so avoid the low lying places where water collects. A best kitchen garden provides the fresh vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruits and berries. Which are the best sources of vitamins and minerals. It is not necessary kitchen garden have to be right outside the kitchen door, but it is better if closer to the kitchen. 

Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening is also known by a Natural Gardening. This is describing the several things just like, Chemical free gardening, and Earth- friendly gardening. Chemical free gardening is a total misnomer, because where you are using organic or counterfeit compost and pesticides in your gardening. They are all chemicals. Natural gardening defends picture of apparel run rampant and horn-worm-infested tomato plants. Earth friendly gardening works, excluding that everyone has a different opinion of what they contemplate to be friendly to the plants.
Organic gardening consist the three main points.
1)  Feed the soil
2)  Focus on Prevention
3)  Use the simplest solution first
Feed the Soil.
The basic thing for the gardening is soil. If the soil is nutrient weak, it wills not the suitable for the healthy Plants. By feeding the soil you can improve the quality of soil and make a foundation for the healthy food.

Focus on Prevention
A lot of things you can do to help your Plants. This will reduce susceptibility to bug, virus problems
         1)     Look after the Plant’s light. Moisture and soil option.
       2)    Pay attention that your Plants can breathe easily.
 3)    Garden should be clean.

Use simplest solution first.
You have to observe your garden regularly. If you notice any problem with your Plant during observation should be try to spray them with water. Hopefully this will solve your problem. If the problem will still remain the next option is Natural homemade spray to treat problem. Some problems required a chemical spray   

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Upside down Gardening

As the title shows about the gardening plan (upside down) . In this plan of gardening, the growing plants hanged upside down from the commercially or homemade pots and containers. This type of gardening is very popular in these days because people like to introduce new way of planting. This type of gardening eliminates the gardening tasks like tilling, hoeing and staking of plants and also stops pests and blight influence on the plant. It’s only a new way of plantation and exciting but has no effect on yield.

Community Gardening

Community gardening is a term related to gardening on a piece of land by a community or gardening on a piece of land by a group of people collectively. In term of community gardening people relates with other people for fresh food, to communicate with each other, free labor, and neighborhood improvement. Community gardening builds a community strong to enhance relations and to reduce crimes in those communities. Community gardening, the term favored in the Canada, United States, New Zealand and Australia. In community gardening people from all ages work together as a team to support each other and share the load of work.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Water Gardening

Water gardening is also known by the aquatic gardening. This type of gardening make outdoor from the living areas where you sit and relax with your family and friends. Water gardening can consist of water fall, small ponds fountains and elaborate combinations of rock work and lighting. Normally a water gardening is a pool of water that is central to plants, fish and other water brute. Perhaps the most important thing to choose the right spot in water gardening. Mostly water plants and other brute needs plenty of sun, so a spot that gets 6 to 8 hour of direct sun is best spot for the water gardening

Indoor Gardening

Indoor Gardening refer to the gardening in covered area or gardening within the house, room etc. Plants required specific temperature, air irrigation. These requirement fulfill artificially by the grower. Indoor gardening is more difficult then other type of gardening. Because plants need sun light or light which full fill the plant's requirement. Indoor gardening resemble to the raised bed gardening. This type of gardening is more expensive and suitable where period of darkness and cold is long.